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Healing Philosophy

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Our purpose of life is to serve, by joining hearts and souls together.

My mission in life is to deliver LOVE AS MEDICINE - to help everyone discover their original wholeness.  Every pain is an opportunity to dig deeper to discover who we really are.  The sessions are incredibly intimate.  TCM / acupuncture is combined with reiki breath to remove blockages and restore the natural flow of qi.  Guided meridian meditation is so powerful that it can restore the body to optimal health, often without the use of actual needles.  

As an energy healer, I feel incredibly blessed to serve as the co-pilot of your healing journey.  Together, we play the role of detective: we diagnose together, we set goals together, we remove blockages together, we honor the divine within each other, so we can have the courage to stand in our authentic truth.  We show up together and empower each other. 

You’re not a passive recipient of the treatment, but an active participant.  We are like partners in a dance.   We are all born healers - the only equipment we really need is our breath and our heart.

The most rewarding part of this work is that the more we heal ourselves, the more we heal the world.  The more we love / connect / accept ourselves, the more love / connection / acceptance we will give and receive to all sentient beings. 

What you will gain from working with me, is not only an investment in your well being, but also a transformation for everyone and Mother Earth.  Because we are all connected.  May we join hearts and souls together.

I am deeply honored to serve you and be served by you.



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"Within every healer is a patient; within every patient is a healer.  

The goal is to integrate healer and patient as ONE."

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